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Forcing Valid Electronic Signatures

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Author: Howard Sheerin,

Obtaining valid electronic signatures (S-Signatures) on patent declarations and assignments can be a challenge. You would think engineers could understand the simple concept of executing an S-Signature by typing their name between forward slashes, such as /Inventor Name/. For some reason, this concept is lost on many engineers requiring multiple attempts at valid S-Signatures on declarations and assignments.

Fortunately there is now a convenient tool integrated into DocuSign which forces the inventors to execute a valid S-Signature on declarations and assignments. This tool is referred to as a "validated text field" which requires a forward slash to be typed between the inventor name in order for the field to be validated. Instead of using a Signature field, place a Text field in the signature line of the declaration and assignment. Then configure the Text field to require the signature to begin and end with a forward slash, and include only the punctuation allowed by 37 CFR 1.4(d)(2)(i). Customize the Text field as shown below where the string to enter in the "Regex Pattern" field is ^/[a-zA-Z0-9 ,.’-]*/$ . Save the Text field as a custom tool in your DocuSign account (for use when configuring future declarations and assignments). When an inventor attempts to sign the declaration or assignment, the signature will only be entered if typed correctly, thereby forcing the inventors to comply with the S-Signature requirements.

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